Entrepreneurs have to face many hurdles and failures, but if they have a good mentor, it becomes easier for them to deal with hurdles and emotional breakdowns. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, a mentor helps you guide through difficult times and keep you  are running even in adverse situations. With all the experience and contacts they can help you build better business networks.

Finding the right mentor is vital and there are chances that you might someone who is talented, but not a good mentor. Before knowing how to approach a mentor, it’s important that whom you approach. Here are a few tips worth checking while looking for a mentor for your career:

Search right mentor:

While finding a mentor, it’s crucial to be clear what you exactly want from the mentor. A few factors like age, success, position really doesn’t matter much until you are not sure that the person is having enough experience when it comes to guide you through your career and make you feel motivated. The mentor should be the one who knows how to believe in your abilities and enough patience to help you to overcome your weakness.
When you meet your idol and know their weakness too and observe how they make you feel. If you feel comfortable and positive in their company, you can start building contacts with them.

Expand your search:

Take your mentor search out of your office. It’s not necessary that you will only get a mentor in your office, you can find a mentor meet-ups, conferences etc. There are many organizations that plan meetings for similar professions and you can join/ volunteer those meetings. You can always follow your ideals on social networking websites, join live chats or email them introducing you.

Gradually build relationships:

Just like other relations, the mentor-mentee relationship needs time to grow. You can’t just start a conversation with someone asking directly about being your mentor, especially when they don’t know anything about you professionally or personally. Thus, when you find someone who can be your mentor, you need to approach them with a proper strategy. You can use a common contact to introduce you both, provide them the details about you and why you think they can be a perfect mentor for you.


Maintain Frequency:

To have a perfect mentor-mentee relationship, it is required that you stay in touch with your mentor. You can have a one to one meetings, go to conferences with them, meet new people with them so that you can build your network with the help of your mentor. It’s not compulsory that you meet and discuss your doubts with your mentor in the office, you can go out for meals/coffee and try to get into little comfort zone with your mentor. Make a list in advance about topics you want to discuss or problems you want to solve.

Ready for challenges:

A good mentor will always prepare you for all kinds of challenges, thus you need to make sure you are giving your 100% to given tasks or advice. You don’t have to set back if work gets harder. Having a mentor is all about improving yourself and getting you out of your comfort zone so that you can give your best at work.

Finding a mentor is all about finding the right person who is willing to teach you with their experience and help to turn your failures into success. Do share with us, what tips you have to find a mentor and how to successfully grow the mentor-mentee relationship.