An organization consists of people and to run a successful business, it is vital to have a good relationship with each other as well as your clients. We all know that healthy relationships in the organization encourage positive environment and thus leads to overall success and development of the company.

When relationships at work are inclined towards co-operationships, appreciation and teamwork then it directly affects employee’s performance, productivity and trust in a positive way. To build good relationships one always needs to put efforts and take care of some basic things and today we are going to discuss 5 best ways to have good and healthy relationships in the workplace.

Lack of Communication:

The first reason that hit the relationships, be it personal or work is the lack of communication or miscommunication. When in a workplace, never assume that the person understood the information you want to provide and will act accordingly. Let us say, if you have come up with a very good strategy to start a completely new channel for marketing to boost the sales and you present it in front of all the team members and expect them to start working on it won’t give satisfactory results. It’s important that you individually email and communicate the tasks and deadlines. To get the work done, you will need to have to create various User Personas, complete user experience and list down the actions that each kind of user will be able to perform. Just like oral communication, written communication is also required in the workplace to avoid miscommunication.

Respect boundaries:

Another golden rule to have good relationships with office colleagues and bosses is to always respect yours as well as other’s boundaries while giving as well as accepting orders or communicating ideas. Everyone in the company is hired to do specific tasks and it’s better to allot tasks accordingly. Helping each other is good, but you should know when to say NO to the boss if work pressure is more and when not to allot too much of a task to juniors while they are swamped. Know the employee’s position and allot work accordingly, to avoid their ego and tensed environment in the workplace.

Informal meetings and retreat

To improve workplace relationships, it is important to plan a few informal gatherings or retreats. No matter how trivial it seems, it will have a huge impact on your work relationship. Company get together and picnics helps employees helps to facilitate and ease conversation between everyone freely, know each other on a personal level. There are many ideas which are not yet fully developed and not worth mentioning in the boardroom, but in an informal setup employees feels comfortable to share those ideas. Some of which can be turn out to be a huge success.

Respond, don’t react:

A common problem that hinders relationship at work is not taking other’s suggestions seriously, most of the seniors avoid taking suggestions from juniors or don’t listen to their problems intently. It may be due to ego or bad listening skills, many people listen to reply instead to understand. Such practice demotivate team and they start looking for other job opportunities. It is important to respond in a conversation than to react. So always know the intention or purpose behind communication and always think twice before communicating. Whenever there is a situation when you are in between a discussion and you disagree, someone, don’t ever react in the heat of the moment. Always take time, think twice and then respond firmly with suitable reasons.

Giving Credit to deserved employee:

Best way to ruin employees relationship in the organization is to take credit for ideas/work that some other employee deserves. We are living in a world where you have to be smart enough to make sure that we get the credit for all the work we do instead of someone else. There are many scenarios were seniors don’t even know who was the person behind the whole work and credits are given to the wrong person which leads to problems in the office. Thus, never ever take credit for other employee work and whenever you are doing or sharing any ideas, do it via email or in front of the leaders so that no one else can take the credit for the same. Seniors should train employees for such situations and come up with some smart moves to avoid any mental hassle in company due to wrong credits.

A study at ResearchGate, found that there is a significant correlation between workplace relationships and job satisfaction. Thus, it’s important that senior staff monitor and take required steps to improve the employee-employer relationship and monitor all aspects that affect job satisfaction.

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